A guide to staying on trend: Fashion advice for women in their 30s

Everyone wants to maintain their look and appearance according to the trend. If you have to move with society, you need to follow the trends and fashions of society, or else you may lag. It’s not a new conception that people are self-conscious and want to look good and trendy. Women are more conscious about their looks and follow fashion trends more.

As we advance in age, we start neglecting and compromising a lot of things and desires. It is necessary to maintain yourself to have a better lifestyle. Human nature is adaptable to change after regular intervals. Fashion trends keep changing and thus are fascinating for people and keep them close to life. Women who have to do many tasks daily follow unlikely fashion trends.

The latest fashion trends help women in keeping themselves stylish. Everyone wants to look attractive, fashion trends help you achieve your desired look.

The basic purpose of fashion trends

The main purpose of fashion trends is to keep your choice alive. It helps you focus on yourself, without thinking about your responsibilities. Owing to these trends, you discover your style and taste. Having your own opinion about various matters and things is very important. When you discover your taste, you feel independent and free to choose anything. You can discover your style by analyzing the things and wardrobe you have and those you want.

Sometimes, people change their tastes by adopting different trends. And they settle on the one that satisfies them. Fashion styles usually affect your dress, shoe and jewelry designs, and hairstyles. Women emphasize buying high-quality branded stuff to maintain a classy look. It is a fact that women tend to be more cautious when they reach their 30s to maintain their smart and young looks.

Types of fashion trends

Different times offer different fashion trends, but a fashion style doesn’t need to be a trend. People like to dress according to their fashion instincts. This may hold nostalgia for the 90s or a new creative touch. But some fashion trends never change; the following are some of such major trends;

  • Classic style
  • Streetwear style
  • Business casual style
  • Vintage style
  • Party style
  • Minimalist style

Styles such as tomboy, punk, gothic, and rocker derive their forms from the styles given above. These vary from country to country in the same era and from time to time in the same place. Different occasions need different dressings and styles. You must be formal while choosing your wardrobe for a business meeting. The same goes for other gatherings you are going to be a part of.

But, party styles are the opposite and need a different party-wear wardrobe. You can search for such wardrobes online or observe your surroundings. So, if you want to stay updated about the new trends, you should follow online websites and fashion blogs.

Different clothes for different occasions

As discussed above, different occasions have different requirements for clothing and styling. For this purpose, you should shop all kinds of dresses for your need. The important factor while choosing your wardrobe is what you need. After that, you should choose the suit or dress according to your choice. Here are some of the factors to take into account:

Importance of Trendy Items

You should remember the current trends and customs before you buy anything. Fashion culture is very generous and versatile these days. But you must follow the limits based on your traditions or country. It’s not difficult to differentiate between formal and casual wear. The reason is that you absorb this from your surroundings.

Body Type

Another important feature is your body type. You should choose the dress which suits your body and style. Ensure no one binds you to follow a particular trend. Because in the end, it’s your fashion freedom that matters.

Importance of choosing your wardrobe

The importance of choosing the right wardrobe is visible only when you have to dress up for an event. If you have bought all the accessories before, you will feel no difficulty at that moment. Wearing new clothes daily and dressing up removes stress.

Women in their late 30s have many responsibilities and burdens to survive each day. So, they feel less occupied by adopting fashion trends. There is another integral factor, i.e., you present yourself with what you choose to wear. Your clothing style helps in shaping your personality. It also creates an effective impact of you on other people. That is why some people are very picky about their fashion sense.

Embracing your body

Another thing that fashion teaches us is ’embrace your figure .’ Many people, especially women, usually fall prey to body shaming by others. At the same time, some feel complex over their height, weight or other physical features. The only thing you should do is to shut the bullies down and build yourself stronger and smarter. You own your body and can dress up or put on makeup as you want. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

Focusing Less on Ads and Logos

Fashion brands present various ads and logos to boost the audience’s confidence. You only need to be the best version of yourself, ignoring all the competition and race. You can be confident only when you accept your body, figure and strengths.

Every dress will suit your body when you have the power and confidence to face the world. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to choose the dress code which suits your body. It should also highlight your best features. You can try different costumes to determine what suits your figure the best.

Tips on how to embrace yourself

Age is only a number; you only grow old once you give up being young. It’s only a mind game. Otherwise, you are always young, strong and beautiful. So, you should maintain your figure with all other responsibilities. Confidence is essential for each part of life. Following are some tips for gaining confidence in your physical appearance;

  • Take care of your physical fitness and diet irrespective of your age
  • Follow your mood and choice of styling
  • Keep an eye on market fashion trends. For that, you can follow them if they suit your style and pocket.
  • Don’t stress yourself on petty issues. It would be best if you gave yourself a human margin
  • Think and do the things that make you feel happy and at peace
  • Don’t get pressured by other people and fashion trends. It should be about how you feel by wearing your favourite dress. It should not depend on other people.
  • Accept the way you are and follow your instincts

Enhancing your look

You can always change yourself into a better version in different ways. You can buy accessories that can help you enhance your look. These accessories can be makeup products and jewelry. You can change your hairstyle and dressing style to look different and attractive. You can choose to wear glasses, make piercings, or wear heels to elevate your appearance. No matter what you wear, you need to be confident with your style. You can also accessorize your outfit on order or by yourself. Following are some tips to accessorize. This may also help you enhance your look;

  • Choose an outfit and decide what additions you want to make to it
  • Choose accessories and think about the color combination or contrast
  • Create your design to complete the outfit; you can get ideas from different websites
  • You don’t need to match the accessories with the outfit; you can always go for new patterns and designs

Textile designers research and work on past and current trends. They conduct surveys, asking the general public for reviews about their fashion preferences. Depending upon the results, designers launch their new designs and styles. People always admire new designs. Hence, the market demand increases, which makes the design a top trend.

Building a capsule wardrobe

In your routine, you need a capsule wardrobe of interchangeable classic outfits. You don’t have to attend events on regular basis. so you must build your wardrobe according to your daily needs. You can shop online or from your nearest favorite clothing outlet. You can buy 7-8 outfits each season; it will make your regular closet too. A capsule wardrobe should have the following features;

Comfortable to wear

You should choose the dresses which suit your body, the season of your place and your daily work routine. Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfits of regular use. This includes your sleeping suit.


Building your capsule wardrobe is important. But you need to make sure you do not put a burden on your pocket.


You should visit markets at the start of each season to follow the trend. You may keep 20-30 pieces for regular use. This includes T-shirts, jeans, tuck-in shirts, a few blazers and a trench coat. You can also keep other traditional dresses, skirts and trousers. And you can style them in different ways. If we talk about shoes, you can keep 7-8 pairs for everyday use.

Trends to follow in your 30s

Though age is just a number, but women feel a change in their mood, physique and taste. As age advances, you become mature and a better version of yourself. Anxiety, fatigue and hormonal changes affect the body shape when you reach the mid-30s. Women try to dress up according to their physique. This enhances their mid-age beauty. Usually, when women reach their 30s, they consider not having a wardrobe anymore. Following are some suggestions that may help you get an idea to catch the 30s trend. You may:

  • Replace your straight-fit jeans with loose baggy pants
  • Try midi lengths
  • Replace body-con dresses with backless dresses
  • Try sleek shoes, long boots and flat sandals
  • Choose trousers along with pretty blouses
  • Try a bun with your hair
  • Use long coats with comfortable pants
  • Try light, skin-friendly makeup

However, it is unnecessary to switch your style with your age; you can always dress up as you desire. If you have maintained your figure and diet, you can wear high heels, body-con dresses and tight jeans.

Budgeting and trends

Independent women who earn their own know how to manage their budget with their shopping. However, sometimes, managing the budget with a new capsule wardrobe becomes difficult. You need to plan a strategy to apportion your budget between other necessities and fashion items, including clothes and makeup.

You should use smart plans to save money and go for discount codes and season-end sales. However, if you plan to buy trendy outfits at the start of the season, you should use your savings. But you should never prioritize fashion over your responsibilities and necessities. To save money;

  • You can switch shopping modes, i.e., prefer online shopping from websites that provide free delivery services.
  • Purchase clothes from retail shops other than famous brands.
  • Only buy necessary items that you need.
  • Don’t overspend on luxury items

If you have already set aside some money to follow seasonal trends, this will be a soothing moment for you. Smart planning will always help you. And you will become decisive and confident in your choices.


You can opt for any style and fashion in your 30s unless uncomfortable. In your late 30s, you must wear comfortable and easy dresses. So, you should focus on comfort while shopping and following the trend. Comfort does not limit to physical easiness but also covers your pocket expenses.

You face good and bad times, and it is fine to leave following trends in rough and tough times. You can always develop your original style when you are stable. There is no use in destroying mental peace and following the trends to keep up appearances.

Furthermore, fashion trends give you the confidence to accept and embrace yourself. They help you to move into your community without lagging. They motivate you to stay young, active, and courageous no matter what number of your age you reach. You need to figure out your inspiration and the reasons for the influence. This will help you in determining your classic style irrespective of others. You can also follow fashion blogs and tutorials to stay in touch with the changing trends.


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